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Wretched - Q&A

Dr.s MacArthur, Sproul, and Lawson answer questions about:

Christian Liberty

God's covenant with Israel

Does God love everyone unconditionally?

Was there a historical Adam?

and more

Jesus and Nicodemus

John chapter 3, a detailed analysis of the conversation between Jesus and Nicodemus. (Part 17 of a longer series about the book of John)

The Ezekiel 38 Coalition

Amir speaks about the nations that come against Israel in the last days. (Short Video)

Living in a perverse world

John MacArthur speaks about what is happening in the world today, the judgement of abandonment by God, how there is no going back from this judgement and how believers are protected.

The Trial

A drama presented at White Rock's 2014 VBS, conducted as a court hearing of a man standing before God to be judged for his sins. 

Fall Festival - 2022

Some video footage from our fall festival. Video by Riley Laxton


Topical teaching discussing the biblical approach to Scripture known as Dispensationalism. Taught by Assistant Pastor Mac at Calvary Chapel Kaneohe Hawaii.

God's Sovereignty and Prayer

God's Sovereignty and Prayer can be read here while listening---

"If we ask anything according to His will, He heareth us" (1 John 5:14).

1. First and foremost, prayer has been appointed that the Lord God Himself should be honored.

2. In the second place, prayer is appointed by God for our spiritual blessing, as a means for our growth in grace.

3. Third, prayer is appointed by God for our seeking from Him the things which we are in need of.

The End of Days

What does the world look like when Jesus comes back? We can know if we read His messages about His Second Coming. And if we read carefully we see a very clear picture He describes. Most of what Jesus described were events and elements that have always been somewhere on earth occurring—but He tells us that when these events and elements begin to go global, watch for Him. So what do we see at the end? Here is another look at the next few elements of the world when Jesus Returns


JD Farag - It cannot be much longer

Pastor JD explains why it is that it cannot be much longer before the rapture and the time of the end.

Saving Faith

Evidence of saving faith - A. W. Pink / Studies in the Scriptures / Christian Audio Books.

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