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Family Night

A Christian Family Manifest

The Dynamic demographics in our church and our families!!

This is a unique time for us, with our maturing spiritual position,  and the large population of families and developing children, we have a very special opportunity that is multifaceted.

We can simultaneously pursue the spirital strength of our families and deeper commitment and relationship to be displayed for our church, friends, family, and our community at large that so desperately needs an example of victory to implement and follow for the family. At the same time we must see the great responsibility and opportunity that we have to bring our most valuable gift,  our precious children up with family in the nurture and admonition of our LORD,  and ultimately prepare them for an eternity with GOD only through our LORD JESUS CHRIST.  That we may see them SAVED by HIS AMAZING GRACE!!!

Now,  if God has a plan and He does, should we not by all means follow that plan.

Reflection,  how well has your plan been working for you? If it's not achieving the above goals,  with all that's at stake, then why would we not now commit ourselves and our families to God's way for our family wholeheartedly!!! AMEN ‼️ 

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